Merde in France – my first comic book

I’ve just had my first comic book printed up.  It’s called Merde in France – named after Jacques Dutronc’s song – and it’s a teach yourself French book.

Merde in France Cover Final Merde in France Back Cover FINAL

It all started years ago when I realised that the French phrase J’en ai marre was actually nothing to do with the guitarist from The Smiths.  Although, to be fair, he probably was a bit fed up from time to time…

Anyway, I taught myself French by listening to French music (it’s my thing) and singing along with it and I still conjugate verbs and remember vocab by going through song lyrics in my head.  But not everyone would want to learn French that way.  So, if you prefer, you can learn French the Tinynoggin way and do it with word association.  What I’ve done with Merde in France  is to draw some pop culture icons who remind me of French words for one reason or another.  So if you want to say “I’m fed up”, you just think of the guitarist from The Smiths and say his name with a French accent: “J’en ai marre!”  There you go, you’ve just learnt your first French phrase.  Easy peasy.

There are 28 illustrations (or should I say drawings?  I’m not what you’d call an illustrator by any stretch of the imagination!) and here are some examples below to give you an idea of what kind of thing you can expect from Merde in France:

Suicide FINALMama Cass FINALChris Ware FINAL

Please note, some of the words are a bit naughty (apologies for Mama Cass’s potty mouth), so it’s not a book that’s suitable for children.  Some of the other pop culture icons included in the book include Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Ron Mael, Mr T and Morrissey.

If you’d like to buy a copy of Merde in France, it costs £5 plus p&p and you can contact me at to order a copy or buy one from my Etsy store.  The first print run is limited to 100 copies.

Here’s a link to the Tinynoggin Etsy store.  I’ll update this page when I have the book placed with any friendly comic stores.

Post Script:  The lovely people at Orbital Comics in London have kindly taken a few copies of Merde in France now, so you can buy it there if you want to peruse it first!  


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