Where you can buy Merde in France

Merde in France Cover FinalI have to say I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake sorting out the marketing / selling of my comic book Merde in France but things are gradually coming together – if you haven’t already bought a copy but think you’d like to learn French the pop culture way you can find it here:

Tiny Noggin Etsy Shop

In the fabulous Orbital Comics in London

From the wonderful Rough Trade website 

And this is exciting (for me), you can also buy it from me in person at the Takeover 2015 event in London on Saturday 9 May:

TakoverFlyer2015_front_a5_300dpiFollow the link (above) to their webpage to find out more, but basically it’s free to get in and there will be loads (a Victorian warehouse full!) of independent comic and zine artists there selling their small press publications.  They will also be running workshops and holding talks, so there is plenty to do from midday to 7pm.  Being a newbie I will be in the First Publications Corner, not surprisingly with my first publication Merde in France, but I am also hoping to have at least one other item ready by then – maybe the Morrissey comic, here’s a taster image from that:

Morrissey taster imageOr maybe something else – I have so many ideas for small press books I want to make but so little time.  I’d better crack on if I’m going to have something new ready for Takeover 2015 on 9 May, maybe see you there!


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