New book available: Morrissey – Misery in Bitesize Chunks

I have a new book ready in time for Takeover 2015, which is on Saturday 9 May (midday – 7pm).  Come along if you want to buy a copy – 47/49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL.


My second small press book – Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks

Anyone who has read (or tried to read) Autobiography by Morrissey knows it’s not the easiest of reads. It took me well over a week to read 130 pages and I knew other people who struggled with it too. So I thought I would do the world a service and read it on behalf of those who just couldn’t manage it but wanted to get the nub and the gist of the whole brouhaha.

Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks is my lighthearted summary of Autobiography by Morrissey, complete with my own illustrations. As a friend said, it is like the York Notes for Morrissey’s Autobiography. So read this if you gave up on the Autobiography or if you read it but just want a reminder of selected highlights.

There are only 100 copies available of this book, all individually numbered. It’s 14 chapters, 15 illustrations and 39 pages of deaths, despair and foods beginning with the letters T, C and P.

The rules are: you need to have purchased a copy of Autobiography by Morrissey BEFORE you purchase this book. We’re Morrissey fans here!

Morrissey diagramHere’s some extracts to give you an idea of the contents:



If you can’t make it over to Takeover 2015, you can buy the book on Etsy here.  It’s £5 (plus p&p).


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