Syndicated Zine Reviews – Merde in France

I’m fairly new to this zines / small press world and if I’m honest I find the marketing side of things a little hard.  I have tried to get in at UK zine fairs but they always seem to be oversubscribed and unable to offer places to people new to the business like myself.  So it’s really nice when a great site like Syndicated Zine Reviews mentions your work – makes you feel like it might be worth carrying on even when you’re not sure how to get your work out into the world.

If you’ve not checked them out before, there are two reviewers in the UK (Nathan Penlington and Martin Appleby) as well as reviewers in the US and Australia.  You can check out their bios to see what they are interested in and then contact them to see if you can send them copies of your zines for reviewing purposes.  Luckily for me Nathan Penlington (a writer and performer/stand up comedian) very kindly agreed to take a look at my zines and has given me a favourable review for my “learn French the pop culture way” book Merde in France.  Yeah!

Chris Ware FINAL

Nathan Penlington’s review of Merde in France can be found here


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