Broken Frontier Zinewatch Review of Merde in France

Merde in France Cover Final

Small press champion Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier has delighted me with a review of my small press book Merde in France: Learn French the Pop Culture Way, which you can read here.

I’m pleased to see Merde in France is described as “the most eccentric piece of self-publishing” in the round-up list and overall it seems to be a positive review – what more can you hope for?

Andy also reviews books by the fabulous Brigid Deacon (I love her artwork!), Alexandra Cook and Rozi Hathaway (who I met and whose work I admired at the First Publications table at the Alternative Press Takeover this year), and Alys Jones.

There’s so much talent out there that goes by largely unnoticed (just to be clear, I’m not talking about myself here – I know I can’t really draw!), so it’s good to know that people like Broken Frontier take the time and effort to read new publications and keep an eye on those who show a bit of promise.  Andy is hoping to do two “Small Pressganged” Zinewatches each month, so keep an eye on the site for further reviews.


2 thoughts on “Broken Frontier Zinewatch Review of Merde in France

  1. i think it’s the bits of drawing that come out from the ‘can’t draw’ side of people that make for the most interesting pictures/distinctive art….otherwise you might as well take a photograph…

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